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India imports nearly 70% of its annual crude petroleum requirement, which is approximately 110 million tons. The prices are in the range of US$ 50-70 per barrel, and the expenditure on crude purchase is in the range of Rs.1600 billion per year, impacting in a big way, the country’s foreign exchange reserves.

The petroleum industry now looks very committed to the use of ethanol as fuel, as it is expected to benefit sugarcane farmers as well as the oil industry in the long run. Ethanol (FUEL ETHANOL) can also be produced from wheat, corn, beet, sweet sorghum etc. Ethanol is one of the best tools to fight vehicular pollution, contains 35% oxygen that helps complete combustion of fuel and thus reduces harmful tailpipe emissions. It also reduces particulate emissions that pose a health hazard.

This website with an aim to promote the production of ethanol brings together all the information required (ETHANOL PLANT MACHINERY & TECHNOLOGY, PROJECT FINANCE, GOVT SCHEMES & APPROVALS FOR FUEL ETHANOL PLANTS , ETHANOL DISTILLATION, ETHANOL PRODUCTION, FERMENTATION, MOLECULAR SIEVE TECHNOLOGY , FUEL ETHANOL PLANTS COMMISSIONED.) for the ethanol producer. Plans to set up an online ethanol marketplace connecting buyers and suppliers.


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  1. SarSenapati Santaji Ghorpade Sugar Factory Ltd. Kagal, Kolhapur Sugar- 5500 TCD & Ethanol / ENA/ RS 30 KLPD,Sugarcane Juice , molasses
  2. Venkateshwara Power Projects Ltd.-Ethanol / ENA/ RS 90 KLPD,Molasses
  3. Chilika Distilleries Pvt. Ltd.,Alcohol 55 KLPD,Grains
  4. Pernod-Ricard India (P) Ltd. Seagram Distilleries Pvt. Ltd.- Alcohol 60 KLPD,Grains
  5. Kunjir Bioenergy Pvt. Ltd.. Maharashtra-Ethanol 60 KLPD,Molasses + Sugarcane Juice
  6. SarSenapati Santaji Ghorpade Sugar Factory Ltd.II -Ethanol / ENA/ RS Expansion to 95 KLPD ,molasses
  7. Maruti Shetkari Asawani Ltd.-Ethanol / ENA/ RS 60 KLPD,Molasses
  8. Daya Sugars Ltd.-Ethanol / ENA/ RS 60 KLPD,Molasses
  9. Ajara Shetkari Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. Gavase, Kolhapur-Ethanol 30 KLPD,Molasses
  10. Brisk India Pvt. Ltd. (Appasaheb Nalawade Gadhinglaj Taluka Sahakari Sakhar Kharkhana Ltd.)-Ethanol / RS 35 KLPD,Molasses
  11. XL Telecom & Energy Ltd.-Ethanol 150 KLPD,Special Denatured Spirit
  12. North Queensland BioEnergy Australia-Sugar- 15000 TCD, Ethanol / ENA/ RS 200 KLPD,Sugarcane Juice , molasses
  13. Shetimal Sahakari Sanstha Ltd., India’s first plant on sugarcane juice. -Ethanol 30 KLPD,Sugarcane Juice , molasses and Rectified Spirit
  14. Precious Alco & Petro India Pvt. Ltd., Satara-Ethanol 30 KLPD,Special Denatured Spirit
  15. Patil Alco & Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd., -Ethanol 30 KLPD,Molasses
  16. Sai Krupa Sugar Karkhana Ltd. ShriGonda, Ahmednagar -Sugar- 5500 TCD & Ethanol 60 KLPD,Sugarcane , Molasses